The first thing one should realise is that treating vines with synthetic chemicals does not get rid of the cause of a disease, it only temporarily stops the appearance of the symptoms.

To cure a disease one has to understand why it is there in the first place. For the last few decades, due to modern farming methods the plants have lost their inherent strength. Weed killers have destroyed the life of the soil and the vine’s root system has been damaged, thus making the plant reliant on chemicals and not a vibrant living soil. The plant has lost its natural immune system through systemic chemicals entering the sap and not allowing the natural energy of the sun and soil to keep the plant healthy.

The appearance of Flavescence Dorée is as a result of a lack of understanding of the natural life process which permits the vine to be connected to the earth and sun, by which it can be strong and healthy.

The treatment against Flavescence Dorée, made compulsory by law, forces organic and biodynamic wine growers to use insecticides which destroy the fauna that they have laboriously encouraged. This in the long term will only make matters worse and the disease will be more prevalent.

Such a legal obligation can only come from narrow minded technicians supported by commercial lobbies. Please help us fight for our freedom to preserve the natural health of our vines, the soil and environment they live in and the authentic taste of our wines. Let us not also forget about the health of our bodies.

Emmanuel Giboulot has refused to follow this legal commitment and is now supported by more than 600,000 people. Please follow him.

For Return to Terroir : Nicolas Joly

Translation Hugo Stewart