Château de Passavant
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31 rue du Prieuré, 49560 Passavant sur Layon
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Olivier Lecomte

Information about the Château de Passavant
Family David-Lecomte , Olivier , Claire, Aubin
Wine maker and Vines Manager : Lucie Chéné and Daniel Thuliévre
- The Castle of Passavant is a historic place before to be a winemaking company. First of all let’s
speak about the place.
- The Castle is a middle ages construction listed in the register of France monuments.
- This castle dates back to Xe century and was build on order of the lord Foulque Nerra.
- At these times Passavant was a crossing place in the border between Anjou and Poitou
- This castle has never known war and belongs to a bundle, quite numerous, of castles built by
Foulque Nerra along the Loire.
- Foulque Nerra was a lord with a dark and bloody history. Nevertheless, he may never live in this
- Our family created the company; we are the fourth and fifth generation working on the vineyard.
- The company presents 55 hectares of vines. Mainly planted with Chenin, Cabernet Franc and
Grolleau Noir.
- Moreover we have few hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and
Grolleau Gris.
- We exploit the vineyard in organic agriculture (AB) for more than 24 years. We are certified in
Biodynamie since 2011.
- Since last year we have 51 ewes and we are setting up an eco-pasture system in the vineyard.
- The ewes are from charmoise race (meat race) and got their first lambs in the vineyard this year.
- We work in respect of our environment and try to re-create in the vineyard the most diverse and
richest ecosystem.We add 10 hives in the middle of the vines , This week we are planted 2,5 ha
new vines under agroforestry.
- We produce, in average, 120 000 bottles by year. We sell wine in France, for a part, but we export
too in several countries like Denmark, Belgium, United States, Germany and many other.
- Our cuvées of Chenin Blanc : “Jarret de Montchenin” , “Les Plantes” , “ Les Greffiers”, Penser
Nature “ Le Chenin”, Anjou blanc “Château”, Anjou Blanc d'Oeuf.
Web site : www.passavant.n

[caption id="attachment_4664" align="alignnone" width="300"] PHOTOPQR/LE COURRIER DE L'OUEST/LAURENT COMBET ANGERS LE 19/08/2021 : CHATEAU DE PASSAVANT SUR LAYON : OLIVIER ET AUBIN LECOMTE[/caption]

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